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Outgoing IP Addresses

Many users have services within their web application that reach out to third-party services. In these cases it is helpful to understand what IP addresses we use when applications reach out to those services. Below are the IP addresses that are used for outgoing traffic from web applications in each region.


These IP addresses may change over time. In most cases we will add more IP addresses rather than change or remove existing IP addresses.

Outbound IP Addresses


IP Address(es)

AP-SE1 - Asia Pacific (Singapore)

US-E1 - US East (North Virginia)

US-E2 - US East (Ohio)

EU-C1 - Europe (Frankfurt)


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If there are questions you cannot find the answers to here, please visit our Support Portal to contact our support team.

  • General

    • How am I billed for my web application? You are billed usage-based based on the size of the web applications. Usage is billed on a per-second basis. Pricing can be found on the Services page.

    • Can I change the size of my web application? Yes, web applications can be changed at anytime. Changes are processed in a rolling fashion to ensure there is no downtime for your application.

    • What size of an environment should I choose? It really depends on what you are running. Usually a 128MB environment is a good spot to start. The size can be adjusted at any time. If you want some guidance, please contact us at any time.

    • How often do you backup my website? Full backups run every 10 minutes, and are kept for the past 12 hours. Additionally, hourly backups are taken and retained for 72 hours, daily backups are retained for 32 days, and weekly backups are retained for 16 weeks. We do our best to have these backups available so we can recover websites in case of a major outage, or if you need to recover files from your site. In some cases backups may be expired sooner than expected, so we cannot guarantee that we are able to perform specific restores.

    • Why do you have your own control panel and not something like cPanel? We want to control our own destiny and be a little unique, in a good way. If we had chosen to use one of the standard control panels, we would look like every other hosting provider – and we just aren’t like that. Additionally, when new hosting technology comes out, we want to be able to quickly offer that to you. We do not want to be dependent on waiting for a third-party to update their software in order to provide you with updates.

  • PHP

    • What versions of PHP are supported? We currently support versions 5.6, 7.0, 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4. We can support any version of PHP, so if you need one that is not listed, please open a support ticket.

    • Can I change the PHP version of an app? Yes, you can change the version of PHP that is running at anytime. If a change breaks your app, you can revert back just as easily.

    • Are you going to get rid of support for PHP 5.6? While PHP 5.6 is no longer supported, we plan on leaving it available for you to use for as long as you need it.

    • I upgraded my site to PHP 7.x. How am I affected by you continuing to make PHP 5.6 available for older sites? You are not affected at all. Each app runs in a completely isolated environment. If you run your site using PHP 7.4, your site only sees the files for PHP 7.4.